Roadtrip - Day 6 - Cracker Lake

This hike was beyond nuts.

We went a total of 12.6 miles roundtrip and the total elevation gain was about 1400ft. Even though it was a really tough trail the sites that we saw along the way took our breath away.

We started out in sunshine, hit some rain, got a little cold even in the summer, and saw a double rainbow.

We had a little of a late start - so right when the bugs were out and it was pretty hot. But that didn't take away at all the stunning views.

Halfway there it started a light rain (which to be honest was quite refreshing after going uphill). But when we reached Cracker Lake and seeing that amazing blue color, which the color is from the glacier rock that comes down, we were blown away.

It was moody weather but still refreshing. We put our feet in the water and it was ice cold (though no surprise there since it comes from snow).

As we were leaving the weather was even getting even more moody - but the pay off was great since we got to see a double rainbow and the mountains looked even more ominous.

So, how do you end a day like this? With a fire.