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52 Week Project - Week Six - Candy

Here is the select from this week! (After a long week of hiatus)

6/52 - Candy

Here are some of the other selects - went a little off topic because I was having a little fun with the oil that I was using.

52 Week Photo Project - Week Five "BW Landscape"

This week, it was all about Ansel Adams - black and white landscape. Here was my pick for the week -

5/52 - B&W Landscape

Here are a couple of the extras - 

And because I can't resist - there are the color photos - 

52 Week Photo Project - Week Four "Headshot"

For this week the theme was "Headshot" - I took the term a little loosely... I photographed the fabulous Brittany Wagner. 

Here is my pick - 

4/52 - Headshot

Some of the outtakes -

52 Week Photo Project - Week Three

This one was a little harder. The theme of this week was Artistic Red - so I took it in a couple directions...

Here is my pick -

3/52 - Artistic Red

Here are the outtakes

52 Week Photo Project - Week One

Trying something new and going to try and do a photo a week (go resolutions!) For the first week it was self portrait.

Here is my pick -

1/52 - Self Portrait

Here are couple of the outtakes -