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Banff - Day 4

Went back to Lake Moraine due to the nice misty weather and another stop at Two Jacks.

A couple last stops before we call it a vacation and then head back to Chicago.

Banff - Day 3

After spending the night in Jasper then we took the Icefields Parkway south - back to Banff.

Then spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in Banff and taking the Lake Minnwaka and Bow Valley scenic drives.

Banff - Day 2

Woke up to some beautifully moody weather -

We then ventured over to British Colombia (!!!) to go check out Emerald Lake

We then took Icefields Parkway, one of the most beautiful scenic drives, all the way up to Jasper Park. Here are a couple of the stops along the way -

Then we did a little exploration around Jasper National Park. Another cute resort town like Banff.

Banff - Day 1

And here we start another journey - but this time to Canada! (eh?)

After getting a little settled in Canadian culture and exploring the town of Banff a little we headed towards Lake Minnewaka. Right by the lake there was a stunning meadow of wildflowers.

After that - there was a stop at the infamous Lake Louise.

The last stop of the day was probably one of my most favorite - Lake Moraine.