An Appalachian Tale

An Appalachian Tale is a documentary about how the old coal mines in the Appalachian region have effected the water. It many cases changing the water to an ugly orange. In history its a tough choice because though in the past it has lead to a good economy and given jobs but the outcome leads to slowly destructing the environment. History repeats itself as people constantly live in the now.


Narrator // Jennefer Morris
Director/Writer/Producer/Director of Photography // David Hamby
Associate Producer // Laura Mosquera
Editor // Emily Tolan
Sound Editor // Stefano Campello
Rerecording Mixer // Colin Lechner
Composers // Kevin Merkel, Wesley Hotzfeld, Michael Corson, Doug Zangar and Rena Steed

Awards & Recognition
Serbia Film Fest (Greenfest) // Official Selection //  2014
Gray's Reef Film Fest // Silver Award // 2015