Howard Shuptrine spends the majority of his time with animals. Dead animals. To avoid problems from his past, Howard devotes all of his attention to his attempts to reanimate and give new life to animals through taxidermy.

His relationship with his adult daughter, Hadley, is strained. Hadley worries constantly about her father’s well-being. When a local game warden threatens to end his hobby, Howard begins a descent into madness.

Howard // Troy Wandzel
Hadley // Amanda Jennings

Director/Writer/Produced // Tommy Love
Co-Producer // Danielle Aziz
Director of Photography // Harry Lipnick
Editor // Emily Tolan
Sound Designers // Diana Martinez Muñoz & Jose Delgadillo Gaviria
Casting Director // Jae Mathews
Costume Designer // Katherine Taylor
Art Director // Laura Blauman


Awards & Recognition
Best Actor - SCADEMYs

Currently going through film festival run. If you would like to view please contact me for the password.