Salvation Army

Working with a collaborative team of service, graphic designers, and filmmakers to recreate the brand for the local Salvation Army in Savannah. This is the longform identity piece in which the SA manifesto is narrated. A total of four PSAs were used for the local TV stations.

Created for the CLC program at SCAD. Filmed in Savannah, GA.

Lauren Peters // Service Designer
Megan Stevenson // Service Designer
Caleb Sexton // Design Management
Susan Onigbinde // Design Management
Noah Conk // Interactive Designer
Callie Moore // Graphic Designer
Kerri-Dale Smith // Industrial Designer
Jordan Mathis // Sequential Artist
Deaa Bataineh // Advertising
Pablo Isaza // Copywriter
Devon Smith // Copywriter
Lindsie Palmer // Motion Media
Jess Yousif // Producer
Holland Perry // Producer
Sinead McGill // Director of Photography
Emily Tolan // Editor
Kacie Willis // Sound Designer

Michael Chaney // Film Professor
Tom Hardy // Design Management Professor