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Dallas International Film Festival

What a whirlwind of a weekend in Dallas.

First day involved a Filmmakers Luncheon at Pecan Lodge, which the restaurant was one of the best BBQ places in Dallas. After the Luncheon we grabbed Bill to head down the red carpet where we did interviews and photos. The first screening was very well received. The afterparty was in West Village. The rest of the night was spent at Bill's with some good old fashion ice cream.

On the second day, I explored Dallas a little bit before going to Bill's. We then did the interview with DIFF before we went to see a screening of Dealt. The film was funny, emotional, and just stunning. The second screening of the shorts also went very well with a Q&A. Amazing end with some local food outside (bring on the warm weather!). Before the end of the night Chuck and I headed over to hear some blues at Poor David's Pub.

The third day we heading back to Chicago as the festival continues to April 9th. 

Bad Business

Bad Business is a documentary about the growing acidity in water that in end effects coral reefs. Though coral reefs to people are mostly part of tourism, over time it can effect us in other ways. Though it has no direct impact with humans over time it will have an impact with the whole ecosystem.

Director/Producer // Jacob Courant
Editor // Emily Tolan

The Appalachian Tale

Currently working on a new documentary about how the old coal mines in the Appalachian region have effected the water. It many cases changing the water to an ugly orange. In history its a tough choice because though in the past it has lead to a good economy and given jobs but the outcome leads to slowly destructing the environment. History repeats itself as people constantly live in the now.

Narrator // Jennefer Morris
Director/Writer/Producer/Director of Photography // David Hamby
Associate Producer // Laura Mosquera
Editor // Emily Tolan
Sound Editor // Stefano Campello
Rerecording Mixer // Colin Lechner
Composers // Kevin Merkel, Wesley Hotzfeld, Michael Corson, Doug Zangar and Rena Steed

Untitled-5_Bumper Sticker.png

The Taxidermist

Best Costume Design for a Graduate Film - Katherine Taylor
Best Production Design for a Graduate Film - Danielle Aziz
Best Director for a Graduate Film - Thomas Love
Best Actor - Troy Wandzel

Cuba_Bumper Sticker.png

Los Ninos de Cuba

Best Undergraduate Experimental Film - Ryan Curtis
Best Cinematography for an Undergraduate Film - Eric Graulau

Lifeline_Bumper Sticker.png

Lifeline: A Chesapeake Oyster Documentary

Best Sound Design for an Undergraduate Film - Ricardo Nazario

Boston Marathon

This video was made for SCAD District and is response to to the Boston Marathon Bombings.

This video shows the basic timeline of the Boston Marathon Bombings (April 15-19, 2013). During just one week the United States experienced a great turmoil of emotions as trying to pinpoint the reasons why and who. The government, the media, and especially social media were trying to search for answers and all effected each other, similar to Newton's law of motion ("For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction").